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Start your new year with CLARITY by taking the first section of Dream Life Workshop (2020 Vision Workshop!) at 50% off starting January 1! Plus a bonus session!


  • 4 Weekly sessions with your coach, including mini-meditations, meaningful discussion of the weekly topic, deep self-reflection processing and creating individualized weekly assignments.

  • Daily communication with Rachel through messages (mon-fri)

  • A full PDF handout including all self-reflection exercises, quotes/excerpts, guides and reminders used each week

WEEK 1: Embody Your Worthiness

  • Find exactly where you struggle with feeling worthy

  • Experience feeling worthy through visualization and embodiment exercises (breathwork, noting physical and emotional changes).

  • Experience living fully worthy- see the changes that naturally shift in your life once you understand your worth

WEEK 2: Discover Your Guiding Values

  • Naturally find what you honestly value most- your personal "why" to look at all future decisions through.

  • Experience feeling confident

  • Experience living decisively-no more hours/days/years making decisions in your life.

WEEK 3: Create Your Complete Life Vision

  • Create a complete vision for your life, guided by your "why."

  • Create an action plan for 2020 that feels RIGHT for you

  • Experience taking natural action and feeling inner peace from motivating with self-love

WRAP UP CALL: Review Your Progress

  • Celebrate and discuss your progress with your coach in a 30min closing ceremony!

  • Evaluate your progress, clarify your focus and prepare to continue in your newfound goals with LOVE!

  • Choose to continue on to the rest of Dream Life Workshop with Rachel at a DISCOUNTED PRICE, as desired!


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